CUSTOM - Have some sweet custom headlights, but now your parking light assemblies don't match or are you looking for something better than your boring factory setup? This is for you! Our custom parking light assemblies are custom built to order, and can be tailored to your needs. Leave them chrome for an OEM type look, or add some custom painting for a true custom design.


SEQUENTIAL SWITCHBACK - Our sequential switchback assemblies feature custom built LED modules that utilize triple high power LED chips for a high power white DRL, and an even brighter sequential amber turn signal. Paired with a Ghozt sequencing module, it also has an additional show mode input showcasing different sequencing patterns between the white and amber LEDs. Add the optional wireless relay switch to have full control over when show mode is activated.


SHOW MODE - Paired with the Ghozt sequencing module, you will have the capability to have startup and shutdown sequences, as well as show mode sequences for a modern look to really stand out! Add the optional wireless relay remote to control when show mode is activated by the push of a button on a fob. 


WIRING - Purchase the optional plug and play harness for easy installation, or leave the bare wiring for a DIY installation. The harness also doubles as a splitter for dual 3157 bulb capabilities. This will allow both bulbs in the assembly to operate as a parking light and turn signal. Perfect for adding switchback LED bulbs!


NOTE - Final product may differ slightly from photo


Chevrolet Silverado (03-06; Cateye): Custom Sequential Parking Light Assemblies

Housing Color
Optional Plug and Play Harness
Optional LED Turn Signal Bulbs
Optional 12v Wireless Remote


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