*This product is built to order, please allow 4-6 weeks for assembly*


The highest performing headlights on the market for your 2003-2007 Chevrolet Silverado (Cateye). You want a classy OEM+ look, but need just a little something extra to have a little fun with. The Stage 2 Kit comes with your choice of LED switchback or RGB halo rings, as well as the option to add LED RGBW Demon Eyes. This kit comes with absolutely everything needed to function on your truck. 


Fit your truck with the latest LED technology! This plug and play quad build comes standard with Bi-LED projectors offering both high and low beam functions in the factory low beam reflector, with an additional high beam only projector in the factory high beam reflector. With an instant on 6000k color temperature and integrated LED drivers, you won't have to worry about bulb warm-up times or bulky wiring harnesses.




**HEADER PANEL MODIFICATION REQUIRED** Due to narrow clearance behind the headlights, you will be required to modify the header panel for the rear of the headlights to mount properly. We recommend using either a dremel or a holesaw to make the necessary adjustments. 

Chevy Silverado (Cateye; 03-07): Custom Headlights Quad Bi-LED Projector Stage 2

SKU: PAL3317
Shroud Type
Halo Type
RGBW Demon Eyes
  • This kit comes with absolutely everything needed to fit and function on the vehicle. 

    - 2x Brand New Headlight Assemblies
    - 2x Brand New Turn Signal Assemblies
    - 2x Bi-LED Projectors
    - 2x LED High Beam Only Projectors
    - 4x Premium Chrome Shrouds (Specify Model; Click HERE)
    - 2x High Beam Splitters
    - 4x Diode Dynamics LED Switchback or Profile Pixel RGB Halos
    - 1x RGBW Bluetooth Controller (With RBG Halos)
    - 4x Diode Dynamics RGBW Demon Eyes (Optional



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